How do you describe a creative life? Musician, author, playwright, Phil Ryan ticks a lot of creative boxes. In some ways it’s almost impossible to believe he’s crammed in so much in the past twenty five years. His career started with him playing in folk clubs in his native Hertfordshire and then heading out into the London music scene. He went on to join the legendary Heart and Soul Studios music collective in East London a place that became the breeding ground for some of the biggest names in the business at the time as well as a ‘nursery’ for new performers. And then he started his session career gracing countless well known albums. As a jobbing session player and performer player he spent the next years playing in virtually every venue in London and across the UK. All the while developing his playing and song writing skills. Amazingly he briefly left music to help John Bird set up the world famous The Big Issue magazine and then returned to his music. Phil is a bit surprising!


His life always full of the fantastic then led him to being invited to become lead singer for the iconic band The Animals headlining a historic concert in front of 100,000 people in Red Square Moscow. The show was televised around the world. Phil’s musical life continued on its roller coaster ride. When he wasn’t playing or recording he was overseeing productions of his own plays and scriptwriting for television and radio. On leaving The Animals he toured in the USA, Scandanavia and across Europe. Along the way he found time to create London’s famed 12 Bar Club (now sadly gone) and as an acknowledged acoustic guitar master player continued his globetrotting life headlining major European Venues and Festivals including the world renowned Bardentreffen in Nuremberg. The major newspapers music critic (Nuremberger Nachrichten) saying “Phil Ryan is playing do not miss him”.
He’s written a few novels most notably ‘The Divine Engineer’ and ‘September In Rome’ and ‘The Dice of Life’ and continues to work on his books but music is his compass. Phil is known. He has many fans. It’s not unreasonable to describe him as a cult presence. Known by many people but not mainstream. His achievements speak for themselves. But talk to his audiences across the world who across his career number in the hundreds and hundreds of thousands and they all agree that he is a force of nature. Songs to make you weep and laugh and marvel at. He’s got a voice like honey across a razor blade and killer songs (some you’ll know) that will stop you in your tracks. Two quote sums him up. “This guy is a master of his craft. Captivating” (Music Maker) “His live performance of Hallelujah was like light from a dying star. He leaves others in the dust. I hope that makes Phil’s day” (The Guardian)
Ask Phil how he’s done it. He’ll say luck and regular meals.


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